EVENT: Caliced’Autore Brut


FRIDAY 22/11 – 6.30 pm, VIDUSSI farm

“Sorry for the dust. Cemeteries, sighs and small miracles” (Bottega Errante)

An ironic, light and melancholic journey between the Friulian cemeteries and beyond.
It starts from the monumental ones where Jim Morrison and Oscar Wilde rest, to small happy or tragic stories preserved in the Udine cemetery, as in the tiny ones of Santa Marizza di Varmo or of the Pieve di Gorto.

Speakers: ALESSANDRO VENIER press office Bottega Errante Edizioni

The VIDUSSI farm was born in the mid-1980s and covers approximately 30 hectares between Capriva and Cormons.
Specialized in varieties such as Ribolla Gialla, Friulano, Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon, refines its wines both in barrique for reds and in cement for whites.

The farm will complete the offer by combining wine production with a typical and genuine cuisine of our territory.


RIBOLLA GIALLA – produced from native grape variety, with bright colors, fruity aromas with delicate notes of fresh fruit and floral notes, corresponding to the citrine and persistent taste.

SCHIOPPETTINO – produced from an indigenous grape variety, with a bright ruby ​​color, it presents ethereal aromas, with hints of blackberries and raspberries, in balance with a very soft enveloping and persuasive taste.