the Land

/ The Collio

On the easternmost corner of the Friuli Venezia Giulia, at an altitude between 100 and 350 meters, in the province of Gorizia and close to the border with Slovenia, there are just over 1500 hectares of gentle hills, dotted with splendid vineyards. It is on the Collio, on the banks of the Judrio River, which once marked the border between Italy and Austria, where white wines, among the best in the world, are produced.

A land full of history and peaceful landscapes that instills in visitors serenity of mind as precious as the grapes that the skilled hands of its people cultivate and work. Fine wines production area, Doc Collio. A land of great white wines, of balance, elegance and structure.

/ The climate

The uniqueness of this land is such thanks to its micro-climate: sweet and temperate where the fresh north wind, mitigated by the Julian Alps, meets the sea breezes of the Adriatic Sea creating the ideal conditions for the cultivation of vines. The temperature fluctuations between day and night lead to a perfect ripening of the grapes.

/ Products of the land

The Collio has always been a borderland, a crossroads of Latin and Central European populations. A corner of Friuli where rural culture merged with the wealth of flavors of the aristocratic courts of the Serenissima and the Habsburgs. These ingredients were the basis of unique gastronomic wealth.